The Gospel Stream
 The Gospel Stream

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3D Sphere eminating from a 4D Hypersphere

 Answers to all of the paradoxes about 


God the Father,  Jesus Christ, and  Jesus


can  be found within the framework of






 Whose Being is projected through


 three hierarchal and spatial dimensions. 



Jesus Christ,



Being in the form of,

and being equal with





  Emptied Himself of His 4-D nature,


Took upon Himself the 3-D form in


Likeness of a space-time man called


  The Son of Man.


 Then being found in fashion as the man




 He further humbled Himself,


Becoming obedient unto death,


Even the death of the cross.

Php2:6-8           Jn10:29,30 14:9,11,28 5:18